Britain First and the Spotlight Fallacy

I’m lucky I don’t live in a war-torn country in the Middle East. Not only because I’d be forced into a situation in which I’d either be executed by an authoritarian regime/death cult, harshly repressed by an authoritarian regime/death cult, or coerced into fighting for an authoritarian regime/death cult – but also because I’d be inexplicably lumped into the same category as my oppressors by the political dishwater of British politics – that is to say, UKIP, Britain First, the “Tory right” and their plentiful followers. The nice thing about dishwater is that you can loudly declare “Fuck off!” to it, pull the plug and watch it go down the drain. The same can’t be done with Kippers and their chums, but I’ve spent many a dark night wishing I could.

But let’s not talk about dishwater. Let’s talk about lumping in – let’s talk about the spotlight fallacy. RationalWiki describes it thus:

The spotlight fallacy (or spotlight effect) is a logical fallacy that occurs when highly publicized data on a group is incorrectly assumed to represent a different or larger group.

Simple enough, and you don’t need to be Theresa May (with her Snooper’s Charter) to know where I’m going with this. Britain First has created a political behemoth out of the spotlight fallacy, by which I mean, Britain First has primarily duped ordinary people into liking its xenophobic, nationalistic, hate-filled cesspool of a Facebook page by posting highly-sharable patriotic memes to draw people in before flooding their newsfeed with racist guff. Its posts largely consist of pictures or videos of Muslims taking part in disturbing activities or committing horrible atrocities like marching through the street and rioting in Sweden, never mind the fact that the latter is actually a video of PKK supporters (Kurds) clashing with Turkish protestors and Swedish police, not just “Muslims rioting” – this fact is made more bitterly amusing when Britain First gives implicit support to Kurds fighting “Islamists” in London by posting this video. If you value the truth in any way, it’s worth taking anything Britain First posts with a pile of a salt and spending at least two minutes on Google making sure you’re not being tricked.

But I digress.

Britain First’s true believers engage in the spotlight fallacy all the time, by focussing on the terrifying/frustrating/disturbing actions of some people who follow Islam and generalising those beliefs and behaviours onto the entire Muslim population. Their “power” comes from associating the worst aspects of humanity with Islam as a whole, which is why Britain First’s response to the coverage of Labour MP Jo Cox’s murder bewilders me so much:

Screenshot 2016-06-17 13.16.52
Isn’t it disgusting how some people will exploit a tragedy caused by one person in an already emotionally charged political situation to smear an entire group of society and stir up hatred and tension?

This headline, and a lot of the coverage of the tragedy, focusses on the allegation that the attacker, Thomas Mair, shouted “Britain First!” as he attacked Jo Cox. Desperate not to be tarred with the same brush as just one fanaticBritain First has since angrily defended itself on social media, with its followers asking for the same kind of understanding and common sense that they’ve denied to Muslims, immigrants, state benefit recipients, left-wingers, Remainers, politicians, etc. It really is something to see Britain First supporters use arguments like this:

Screenshot 2016-06-16 15.25.03
Without a trace of irony.

While others continue coming out with crap like this:

Screenshot 2016-06-16 16.02.41
A glorious return to form.

Yes. Some of these people would literally rather believe that it was a Muslim pretending to be part of Britain First in order to incriminate the group than an actual real life non-Muslim who shouted “Britain First” or “Put Britain First” while they attacked a principled MP who stood up for the rights of minority groups, refugees, the disabled, and the poor, and whose voting record in Parliament contains everything that the Far Right hate.

Perhaps the attack was apolitical. Perhaps Thomas Mair didn’t shout anything at all and really did lash out at random. Maybe, just maybe, Thomas Mair was a covert Muslim trying to shut Britain First down, but this Muslim version of Thomas Mair would still be one man, acting on his own, for his own reasons – be they psychological or political, representing nobody else but himself under the umbrella of a label that covers a far more diverse set of beliefs than can be contained in just one person.

In the coming days, Britain First’s supporters would do well to consider that.

Tell me that Regressive Leftists like me will be the first to be thrown off of roofs or whatever it is you mouth-breathers think is going to happen when “the Muslims take over” Britain @camerondechi